Thursday, 30 March 2017

Sport's Day

The 29th of March, the children went to the South School to participate in Sport's Day.
Thr children participated in many different activities. There were no winners or loser because all the children were considered "winners" for just trying.

Some of us worked together as a team to fill up a 5L bottle of water as fast as we could.

 Some of us raced with bean bags on bats against our friends.

 Some of us tried to score goals. We have some kickers in the class. The teachers were the goalkeepers!!!!!!!

 We also rode on some lovely bikes.

 The children had the opportunity to use different materials to try to build: castles, palaces, towers or houses.

 I think I lost someone??
 I found someone else though!!!!

 At the end of Sport's Day, the children (class by class) participated in a tug of war. Even though the children were exhausted, they had enough energy to pull.......and win the tug of war.

 Come on, you told me you were pulling too!!!!!

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

More mini-beasts

This term we have done many activities on our topic: Mini-Beasts.
The children went outside to Miguel's farm to look for mini-beasts and to catch them. There is a mini-beast habitat in the classroom for all the mini-beasts the children catch, find or even have at home.

Go on Miss Fay, you can do it!!!! Be brave!!!!
 We are not afraid!!

 We showed our findings to our friends.

 We found many mini-beasts under this big rock!!!

 Then.... we found an egg.
 Whose egg was it? Was it a mini-beast or not a mini-beast?
One of us took it home!!!!

Fortunately one of the mini-beasts that were brought in,a silk worm,  transformed in to a silk moth!!!!!

Ewww. I don't think I want to touch it!!!!!