Friday, 24 February 2017


The children enjoy dressing up for carnival. This year the children performed two songs.

Storytelling week 13-17th of February

The entire British School took part in this lovely week, either telling a story or being the audience for a story. Not only teachers and hired Spanish story tellers told stories but so did some of our lovely Secondary students.

 The Gruffalo in Spanish by Mrs Valeron.

A lovely story read by Miss Harrison.

 A lovely story read by Miss Kloos.
 A lovely story by Mr. Sam
 "En la huerta con mis amigos" by hired storytellers.
Story telling with a guitar and games
 A lovely story read by Mr Hirtes.
The year 1 class performed the Hungry Caterpillar story.
Sara Navarro, a sixth former, also read the children a story.
On Friday, years 3 and 4 performed the Gruffalo rap for the children.

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Colours 2: It is time to make magic!!!!!

Once the children learn the three primary colours, the children are ready to make magic. Making magic means mixing colors to make different colours.

Before mixing the children used balloons to paint with. Look at their works of art.

It is now time to make magic. Many of the children did not know they had this magical power.

Some of us felt "magical" all day.
Some of us could not believe that we could make magic.

 Making magic made some of us smile from ear to ear.

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

This term we are learning about colours.

This term is all about colour. Not only do the children learn about different colours, but they also have fun with the colours they are learning about.
The first colour we learnt about was red.

 They used red thread to thread.

 The children came to school in their best red outfits.

Strawberry jam on toast. Yummy!!!!!!

 The children did many activities based on the story of Little Red Riding Hood.
 For lunch we had red juice and red jelly. Miguel (alias: Pepe), also wanted to try some of the red juice that the children made.
The following week, we learnt about yellow.

 Although some of us are not fans of fruit, we tried banana custard. It was yummy!!!!!! So, we do like fruit, we just don´t know it yet.

 We threaded yellow bananas and submarines as well.

The next colour we learnt about was blue.

In small groups, the children made story boards, putting all the events in the story into the correct order.
 Some of us made blue biscuits, croquettes, sandwiches or shapes with blue plasticine.
In our write dance session, the children could dance and have fun with their blue balloons.

 Here we go up, up, up.....

 Here we go down, down, down,.....

 Here we go side to side, side to side, .......
 and STOP!

On Friday, we came to school in our best blue outfits.

 Some of our blue outfits looked like costumes!!!!!
We made lovely blue frosting to put on biscuits. They were delicious!!!!

We used blue scraps of paper to make collages. 

 The children got to use blue plasticine again, but this time with glitter.